The Unwanted Epilogue

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**We watch bad movies, then we talk about them. These movies are real, real bad. You probably won't want to watch them. You may not even be able to listen to us talk about them.**
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Star Trek Insurrection

    Our best Star Trek episode since the last Star Trek episode is here! We watched the TNG Star Trek movie with the purple space bazooka this time. The one where Jonathan Frakes (NUMBER 1) was dutifully oiled up immediately before acting AND directing. It was moderately more entertaining than any ...


  2. Battleship

    The Unwanted Epilogue crew returns after a brief haitus caused by having to attend rehab for doing too many of the fictional drugs from Law & Order: SVU. Everyone is fine and our families couldn't be happier that we're back on the right track, doing this podcast full time instead ...


  3. Star Trek Nemesis

    The crew talks about the Star Trek film that killed the franchise for awhile. Not the one with the purple space bazooka. Not the one where Picard meets fat Kirk on a rock planet because of time travel. Not the one where Picard murders a crew mate that gets infected ...


  4. I'm Gonna Git You Sucka

    After a long, ayahuasca induced hiatus, the crew returns to the scene with a surprise: we watched a good movie that everyone liked! Find themselves in dire need of a break after the onslaught of garbage they normally subject themselves to, they opted for a comedy that was so good, ...


  5. Diary of the Dead

    Part 2 of our series documenting the worst Horror sequels: Once in a generation, a film comes along and teaches us all that it's okay to be weird. Diary of the Dead is not that film. You might say the unwanted epilogue "found" some footage of a "zombie apocalypse" if you ...